The Idea of Nip It Golf

Nip It Golf, Inc. has been a dream of mine for several years. I came to Longview in 1977, graduated from LeTourneau University with a BS in engineering and went on to receive my MBA. After 34 years in manufacturing and a vision, I decided to fill that dream and open the indoor golf center. The vision was to create a destination that satisfied both a passion for golf and fill the entertainment void that exists in Longview and surrounding East Texas area. Being an entrepreneur has its exciting and challenging moments, with the goal of providing a social environment where customers have fun and enjoy themselves through golf.

– Terry Gebhardt
Nipit Golf Founder

Nip It Golf caters to all ages, all skill levels, from those that just want to have a fun time experiencing golf for the first time to avid golfers that want to analyze their game. The beauty of golf is that it really has no age limit.

Working with a local interior designer, we have created an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by both male and female customers.  The facility was purposely created with open spaces to allow room to socialize and network with an attention to detail. I hope you will enjoy what we have created.

The venue has 5 large state of the art TruGolf® simulators, which offer many of the prestigious courses from around the country. You will able to enjoy your favorite beverage and limited food items while playing a round of golf or lounging with your friends while watching sports on several large TVs.  If that doesn’t interest you, maybe just socialize while listening to music through the integrated sound system.  What drives the business are the relationships built with our customers, enticing them to return and continue to enjoy a unique social experience.

The avid golfer will be intrigued the technology to help them improve their game. Casual or first-timers will enjoy the experience of playing courses from across the country and for those less serious moments there are several mini games such as Zombie Golf, Demolition Golf, Closest to the Pin, etc. to round out the experience.  There will also be Tournaments and leagues scheduled throughout the year.

You may be wondering where the name originated.  “Nip It” is a golf term that signifies hitting the ball without taking a divot. A divot is when you make a mark in the ground after hitting the ball.  If you watch a major golfing event, you will see all the marks on the course where the pros have taken their shots…those are divots. Obviously, when you play indoor golf you will not be taking a divot, so the name “Nip It Golf” where the tag line is “The divot stops here”.

Come enjoy yourself while playing a round of golf or just relaxing watching others engage in a wonderful sport.