The Menu


Alignment Sticks


Fresh cut celery, carrots , and zucchini with your choice of Poblano Avocado Ranch or Original Ranch.



Blue corn tortilla chips with fire roasted salsa. Now that's a "hole-in-one!"

Golf Balls


Parmesan crusted pretzel bites. Served with "Balata" dipping sauce.




Arcadian spring mix topped with cucumbers, shredded cheese, croutons, and grilled fajita chicken. Served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.



Arcadian spring mix topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheese, and croutons. Served with roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

In Play



Blue corn chips covered with melted gourmet cheese, topped with jalapenos and grilled chicken. Add BBQ pulled pork for an additional $2.00



3 large sliders with your choice of chicken filet with boom-boom sauce or pulled pork with BBQ sauce, sliced dill pickle, mozzarella cheese and purple onion on a lightly toasted slider bun. Your choice of chips.



8" Italian crusted pizza layered with blended cheese and fresh mozzarella. Make your pizza "birdie" style with pepperoni.



11" Italian crusted pizza layered with blended cheeses and fresh mozzarella. "Double cross" your pizza with pepperoni and basil If desired.

The Callaway


Ham and turkey layered on toasted hoagie bun dressed with cheddar cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and topped with either Poblano Avocado Ranch or Dijon mustard. Served with your choice of flavored chips.

Tee Box Tacos


Three straight style tacos served with your choice of grilled chicken or BBQ pulled pork. Loaded with cabbage, fresh cilantro, pico de gallo, and Poblano Avocado Ranch.




Thick chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean Ice cream center. (Nestle tole House)



Chocolate lava bundt cake drizzled with your choice of chocolate or caramel and a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream.



Warm butter cake covered In your choice of blackberries or strawberries, topped with brown sugar. Served with chocolate or caramel drizzle.



12oz - $4.20 16oz - $4.95

Crawford Bock

12oz - $3.25 16oz - $3.85

Dos Equis

12oz - $3.25 16oz - $4.00

Love Street

12oz - $4.20 16oz - $4.95

Michelobe Ultra

12oz - $3.50 16oz - $4.25

Miller Light

12oz - $3.25 16oz - $3.85


Angry Orchard


Angry Orchard Rose


Cayman Jack


Bud Light


Dos Equis








Jamaican Me Happy


Karbach Hopadillo IPA


Michelob Ultra


Michelob Ultra Lime


Miller Light


Modelo Especial or Negro


Oil Horse – (Locally micro-brewed)


1877 and Ossamus

Revolver Blood & Honey


Bud Light Seltzer


Black Cherry Lemon Lime, Mango, Strawberry

White Claw


Raspberry, Natural Lime, Ruby Grapefruit, Black Cherry

Red Wine

Cigar Cabernet Sauvignon Bourbon Barrel Aged
Glass - $10 Bottle - $38
Layered with aromas of blackberry jam, brown sugar, coffee and smoke against a similar palate framed by silky tannins and a hint of toast on the lingering finish
Hess Select Winemakers Blend
Glass - $11.50 Bottle - $42.00
A mix of Syrah, Zinfandel, Merlot and a hint of Malbec resulting in a wine that is rich and full of flavor
Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass - $7.50 Bottle - $25.00
Glass filled with flavors of bright fruit aromas of fresh blackberry, black cherry and boysen berry along with hints of violet, leather and toasted oak

White Wine

Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc
Glass - $7.50 Bottle - $24
Tropical aromas of mango, ripe melon, peach and passion fruit with crisp refreshing citrus and floral notes
Kendal Jackson Chardonnay
Glass - $9.25 Bottle - $36
Medium weight yet fresh with a smooth well balanced palate that displays a harmonized mix of savory oak and citrus nuances
Rose Gold Rose’
Glass - $8.00 Bottle - $25
A beautiful blend of cinsault and grenache grapes from the Appellation Cotes de Provence

Red 55 Winery (Miranda Lambert Wines)

Glass - $9.00 Bottle - $31.25
Belle - Sweet Red
Love Letters – Sangiovese
Country Road 233 – Merlot
Glass - $9.00 Bottle - $31.25
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Sweet White
Kerosene – Pino Grigio
Electric Pink – White Zinfindel

Watering Hole



Regular, Decaf…Vanilla, Hazelnut flavoring available. Refills $1.00.



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper



Topo Chico, Topo Chico Lime, Smart Water Cucumber



Black Cherry, Pineapple, White Peach

Peace Tea


Caddy Shack, Green Tea, Georgia Peach, Texas Sweet Tea, Sno-Berry

Energey Drinks


Coke Energy
Coke Energy, Zero Sugar, Cherry, Zero Sugar Cherry
Monster Java
Loca Moca, Mean Bean
Monster Ultra
Ultra Violet, Zero Ultra
Monster Hydro
Mean Green, Maniac Melon, Tropical Thunder

Summer Special


Float…your choice (Coke, Root Beer, etc.)